SSH login on EdgeOS

scp ~/.ssh/ [email protected]:~/ ssh [email protected] configure loadkey user ~/ set service ssh disable-password-authentication commit save exit

HP 5900 IRF Configuration

The following is based on configuring IRF between 2 x HP 5900AF-48XG-4QSFP+ Switch Connect to the “Master” switch: <HP>sys [HP]sysname Master [Master] irf member 1 priority 10 [Master]interface range Ten-GigabitEthernet 1/0/45 to Ten-GigabitEthernet 1/0/48 [Master-if-range] shut [Master-if-range] quit [Master] irf-port 1/2 [Master-irf-port1/2] port group interface ten1/0/45 [Master-irf-port1/2] port group interface ten1/0/46 [Master-irf-port1/2] port group interface ten1/0/47 […]

Add SSL certificate to Shout/TheLounge IRC client

Certificates should be stored here: /usr/lib/node_modules/shout/cert.pem /usr/lib/node_modules/shout/key.pem or /usr/lib/node_modules/thelounge/cert.pem /usr/lib/node_modules/thelounge/key.pem Config should look like this: https: { // // Enable HTTPS support. // // @type boolean // @default false // enable: true, // // Path to the key. // // @type string // @example “sslcert/key.pem” // @default “” // key: “key.pem”, // // Path to […]

Apple Time Machine Problems

Quick note: After being disabled for some time, I decided to reactive my Apple Time Machine backup -> NAS. But I was having issues with the Time Machine Application, who would not “see” my disk. After some searching back and forth I discovered that I was mounting my NAS as a SMB share, which is […]

Check SELinux Status

To check the status on CentOS/Fedora/Etc. Simply type: [[email protected] ~]# sestatus SELinux status: disabled Simple as that.

Native VLAN

“Let’s say you have a trunk port carrying VLANs 10, 11, and 12, and VLAN 10 is set as the native VLAN. Any frame received on that port with an explicit tag will go into the corresponding VLAN, but any frame that has no tag will be put into VLAN 10 since that’s defined as […]